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Latest Features


Discover some of our newest features and system upgrades

May 2022


In January, I joined BigChange as Head of Product Design and was immediately tasked with supporting the ongoing work within Job Finance, a crucial product feature for our customers. With a firm grasp on operational finances, businesses can make better decisions, save on costs, and increase profit margins.

May 2022

Working on Improvements to Job Stock on BigChange

As a Product Manager within BigChange, it is my job to liaise with customers and really understand their problems and how we can solve them. I then create requirement/work items for our cross-functional teams (we call them PODs) to work on.

April 2022


Hello, I’m Freddie Carr, and I am a Junior Product Manager focusing on Templated Sites here at BigChange. The team I’m working as part of set out to help deliver a company-wide objective to provide an enhanced frictionless onboarding process for all new customers. The aim was to help make the customer experience of learning the system and developing your bespoke site as efficient and seamless as possible.

April 2022


Jason Nash, Head of Product, wants to speak directly to our customers about the development of BigChange, the complete job management platform. As the new Head of Product for BigChange, I want to let you know what we’re working on and give you the chance to shape what the platform will look like as we try to make it even more user friendly.

February 2022


We have listened to your feedback and suggestions and delivered the latest developments to your BigChange experience. Some of the key features which we believe will positively impact the daily use of the product include enhanced functionality within Alerts, Job Finance and Templates.

May 2021

Good idea for improving BigChange tech? Make it a reality with the ideas portal.

Introducing a new space for you to suggest and share ideas about how to improve the BigChange system.

BigChange has always aimed to understand the day-to-day challenges faced by mobile workforces, and to develop the solutions that help. It knows that mobile workers using the system in the field every day have a great understanding of where improvements can be made. The BigChange Ideas Portal is the latest way of letting users get those suggestions heard.

March 2021

Note prioritisation helps businesses focus fast

You can now assign a priority to your Notes – marking them to show which need to be addressed first – meaning you can focus and get to work on the most pressing tasks first. When work piles up, our first instinct can be to get our heads down and crack on, knocking out tasks as they come through. But not all work is equal, and the more effective business has its priorities in order, working to meet the most-pressing needs first. BigChange understands this and wants to make it easier for all businesses to tackle work in the most efficient way. That’s why we’ve added a new function in JobWatch that allows users to prioritise Notes, making it easier and faster to see the most pressing information and to get going.

February 2021

Recurring Job Group Templates

BigChange has introduced Recurring Job Group Templates to help solve this problem, enabling users to set up groups of jobs to recur on a work schedule at intervals of their choice, faster and easier than ever before.

January 2021

Out of Office Function

When your Team is working remotely, it is not so easy to see if a colleague is on holiday or off work for any other reason, sometimes resulting in a co-worker being tagged in a note when they are not there to action it. Now, when a user’s ‘Out Of Office’ message is set, if that user is tagged in a Note, their ‘Out Of Office’ message will appear, warning that they are not available to action the request. This stops the ball from being passed to someone who is not there.

December 2020

Pre-planned Maintenance

At BigChange we want to help you make the most of those moments by helping you to build pre-planned maintenance (PPM) into your schedule.  That means that once you’ve set something up, you won’t have to revisit the same functionality again unless you want to change something.  You can even make a bespoke version of your documentation in many areas of our system, helping you to provide excellent and professional results for your customers.

November 2020

Recently viewed items

BigChange has made it easier to navigate JobWatch by adding a simple but powerful new feature: Recently Viewed. With just a single click, users of JobWatch can access a list of the last 15 items they viewed, allowing easy and immediate access back to their most recent Jobs, Contacts, Contracts and other items.

October 2020

Toolbox Talk

BigChange is pleased to announce the latest version of JobWatch, version 5.13, is now available. This update allows users to view files on a job at the push of a button and automatically log them as having been seen.
JobWatch will automatically log a date and time every time it’s viewed. This information is then added to the Job Card for clients to see.
The new feature can also be customised to load files specific to a job site, instead of the standard policy file.

September 2020

Automate and Thrive

Imagine if you could do all your repetitive work at the touch of a button. That is what BigChange’s automations offer. One easy automation that comes as part of the standard functionality for all BigChange JobWatch customers, is the automatic creation of Follow-On Jobs. If work isn’t complete on your first visit, there’s no need to create further jobs manually. With automation, job result responses can be used to automatically create a follow-on job, until the desired outcome is reached.

August 2020

Self allocate jobs

BigChange has released BigChange App v5.12, and it includes new features to improve efficiency by reducing time, travel and costs. Users can now self-allocate jobs which don’t yet have an owner. So workers carrying out a job on-site can access on their mobile a list of other jobs that need to be done at the location. This improvement ensures extra jobs are carried out efficiently on-site without wasting precious time and money with another unnecessary journey.

July 2020

Sage & Xero integration

No Touch Signature is a standard feature that allows your customers to sign for work at distance without the need to touch your device or screen, supporting health and safety and hugely valuable to customers dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. When work is completed, the mobile worker simply shares a signature via email, WhatsApp, SMS or QR Code and the customer can sign on their own device, reducing risk whilst keeping documentation in order.

July 2020

Microsoft Word & Outlook

BigChange is now seamlessly integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem, enabling customers to easily attach email information into CRM notes directly from Microsoft Outlook, or create professional-looking templates in Microsoft Word and simply upload them into the BigChange system.

April 2020

No touch signatures

No Touch Signature is a standard feature that allows your customers to sign for work at distance without the need to touch your device or screen, supporting health and safety and hugely valuable to customers dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. When work is completed, the mobile worker simply shares a signature via email, WhatsApp, SMS or QR Code and the customer can sign on their own device, reducing risk whilst keeping documentation in order.

December 2019

Floating help button

We’ve introduced a new feature to help you quickly access information on key features in the JobWatch platform. Here at BigChange we invest time in ensuring that there are Help Centre articles – and sometimes videos – to take you step-by-step through how our features work. JobWatch now includes a ‘floating’ Help Button, providing easier access to specifically relevant content. The button has been designed to show content from the help site applicable to the page you are on when you click it, as well as a useful search box. This great new feature makes it easier for you to access the help exactly when you need it!


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