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Best Job Management Software for Tradesmen

14 March 2023

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> Best Job Management Software for Tradesmen

Find the right job management software for tradesmen with this comprehensive guide.

For tradesmen, managing jobs and projects can be a manual and logistical nightmare – scheduling appointments, changing schedules to cover emergencies, finding available stock, and completing paperwork (invoices, safety certificates etc).

The good news is, there’s one (not so new) kid on the block changing all this.

Enter: Job management software.

With job management software, a range of businesses that operate in the field service industry are streamlining operations and getting more jobs booked – and invoiced.

So, no matter whether you sit within the plumbing and heating, electrical, fire and security – or a whole host of other field service sectors – we’ve got a guide that can help you find the right job management software for tradespeople.

Let’s dive in.

What is job management software? A quick definition

Job management software for tradesmen is technology developed specifically to help field-based businesses to more easily organise jobs. Essentially, it’s an all-in-one platform that allows you to easily manage the entire operation – from job scheduling, through to invoicing and even collecting customer feedback.

Leading field service businesses have been using this tech for years. Its popularity hugely increased during the pandemic, allowing businesses to continue to manage field and back-office operations remotely.

And since then, it has remained a huge competitive edge.

Let’s look into this a little more.

Why job management software for tradesmen is essential for competing

There are so many reasons why it’s a hot commodity for field service businesses. Here are a handful of reasons why:

  • Overcomes staffing and skills shortages: Due to smart scheduling and optimising routes, businesses can book in more jobs each day – without needing to bring in more people.
  • Works around stock issues: Some clever tech can even tell you real-time stock volumes for the nearest suppliers so you can quickly order parts.
  • Mobile-ready: Plus, it saves a shed-load of admin time for both field workers and back-office teams – as tradesmen can access job history while on-site so they know what’s happened before they attended, and from here, they can also complete digital worksheets (instead of physical paperwork that needs to go back to the office) and close jobs while on site. No more delays in the post.
  • First-time fix rates: Having access to complete customer history and nearby stock suppliers (if extra parts are needed) results in a job more likely getting completed on the first visit – again, allowing you to book more jobs in.
  • Easy pricing per job: With job management software, field service businesses find they can more accurately quote for jobs and track expenses so that they can invoice customers correctly. This prevents a negative impact on cash flow. And, it prevents overstocking and tying cash up there too.

To summarise, job management software for tradesmen makes businesses much more efficient. So you can focus on improving service delivery and customer retention, boosting profit margins, and growing your business. 

Checklist: How to pick the best job management software for tradesmen

Now, there are a few leading tech providers in the job management software space. So, how do you choose which is the best? Take a look at this handy checklist. We’ll tell you exactly which features to look for and why you need them.

⬜ User-friendly

Let’s face it, if it isn’t super easy to use, it just won’t be used and will sit dormant on laptops. With a platform that’s easy to use – for all skill levels – you’re much more likely to see operational boosting benefits and return on investment.

⬜ Mobile Accessible

Whilst it’s easy to use on a desktop or laptop, is it designed specifically for mobile devices? The place you need it most since tradesmen are out in the field.

You want tech that’s cloud-based so everyone can access it from anywhere and at any time. And it needs a responsive design to render right on a mobile device or tablet – you don’t want tiny buttons that you can’t click.

⬜ Integrates with other tech

You want to find tech that integrates with your existing systems so that it can simply slot straight in and boost efficiency. No one wants to get lumbered with another piece of tech that they need to log into, and yet another password to remember. That’s why integrations are key.

With the right integrations, you can build workflow automations to eliminate repetitive admin tasks and make notifications happen on autopilot. Take accounting for example. You can sync up with key accounting software, including Xero, QuickBooks, Microsoft Outlook, Sage, and dozens of other tools.

⬜ Automates otherwise heavily manual tasks

Avoid tech that is still too reliant on human input. You want tech with a boatload of automated features. With clever tech, you can automate everything from job scheduling, time tracking, job updates, route optimisation, and even invoicing.

All this saves time and allows you to focus on delivering quality service to customers – and, of course, growing your business.

⬜ Real-time visibility of progress

Instant updates have a phenomenal amount of benefits. This is a big one for field service businesses.

Take just one example: real-time job tracking. This provides up-to-the-minute visibility of an engineer’s location (which you track throughout the day via a map view) and the status of ongoing projects and tasks.

Why’s this important? Because fed into business intelligence reporting dashboards – also a feature of some platforms – you can visibly see how the business is performing, live.

This means you can take action to solve challenges, see customer trends, and pivot strategies before they result in leaking profits.

⬜ Training and support

Yes, successful implementation of tech relies on an easy-to-use piece of kit, but, it also relies on the software provider giving plenty of options for training – right from the start.

For ease, you want quick video tutorials and webinars, rather than chunky manuals (no one has time to read these and it’s not as easy to follow as someone visually talking through the product).

And – touch wood – if something goes wrong out-of-hours, you don’t want to be stuck. Rather than spending a lot of time going through training resources to figure it out, you want a tech supplier that has 24/7 support and also offers lots of opportunities and resources to self-serve.

Maximise profits today with leading job management software for tradesmen

So, to put it bluntly, if you’re looking to streamline day-to-day operations, increase how many jobs you can complete each day, and squeeze profit margins, you need the best job management software for tradesmen.

With an easy-to-use bit of kit – with features built specifically to streamline scheduling appointments and manage stock quickly – you can literally see the impact in real time.  

In fact, with the right tech, you can even measure the ROI. Let’s take fuel as an example. Optimising job schedules can result in a measurable 10% reduction in fuel consumption. This alone could equate to thousands of pounds in savings. 

Ready to take a best-class solution for a test drive? Book a personalised demo of BigChange right here today.

Need a little more convincing? Check out these success stories. Or, read 4 and 5-star reviews from c.200 customers.

Why BigChange is the go-to tech for thousands of tradesmen

Unlike other solutions that focus on one area such as job scheduling, BigChange is a complete job management platform. Here’s why this matters to tradesmen…

BigChange is a job management platform that connects people to processes and systems. It’s a mega-efficient power tool. From advanced job scheduling to CRM, invoicing, and real-time tracking, BigChange enables every client to connect the tools they need to run jobs and processes – all in one place. 

The best bit? Because of this clever tech, and features like automation, a lot of the manual tasks are replaced.

Plus, the platform is customisable to suit any field service vertical and is currently used by over 2000 customers, across 10 key field service industries, globally.

A quick peak at top features for tradesmen 🔍

Whilst there are over 235 features built specifically to help tradesperson businesses, here are the most popular features:

BigChange Other job management software
Access Controls/Permissions Access Controls/Permissions 
Accounting Accounting
Asset tracking Asset tracking
Appointment managementAppointment management
Appointment schedulingAppointment scheduling
Booking management Booking management 
Online paymentOnline payment
Client management Client management
Contractor Database  Contractor Database
Delivery Tracking Delivery Tracking
Digital signatureDigital signature
Offline accessOffline access
Real-time dataReal-time data
Real-time analyticsReal-time analytics
Subcontractor management Subcontractor management
24-hour customer support for all 24-hour customer support for all 

Don’t get left behind. Move to job management software today. Book a demo right here. Our experts will talk you through the top features and answer any queries. 


14th March 2023


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